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Two-Way Radio

In todays market it is vital that your staff can stay in contact efficiently and reliably. At ACS we supply and install radio systems from Motorola and icom.

Two-Way radio systems provide round the clock contact for team members, whilst maintaining security within the channels. We regularly provide radio systems to businesses as a cost effective method of communication.

Portable Radios

IC-F3102D_frt ian_250x836Icom’s handportable radio series are small, simple to use radios that are capable of both analogue and digital radio communications on a single channel. Portable radios are a cost efficient way to obtain the next generation in two way radio technology.

Digital two way radio provides outstanding communication quality, coverage and security, as well as 6.25 kHz channel spacing which allows twice the amount of users on your system. Our range operates in dual analogue/digital mode meaning you can introduce digital radios whilst still running your existing analogue radio system.

Modern features to two-way radio include programmable buttons, extended channel range, improved battery life and charging speed. Two way radio accelerates productivity and response in difficult situations. ACS can provide Icom’s efficient and safe method of communication to give you the vital components your organisation needs.

Mobile Radios

IC-F5122D_450x201With a mobile team of employees, safety and productivity are important to your organisation. The new Icom mobile series is a simple and straight forward range that offers business and industry radio users 6.25 kHz channel
spacing and digital/analogue mixed
mode operation.

Ideal for transportation, and delivery fleets, the streamlined series with external GPS receiver connection, has an abundance of mobile features and is compatible with multi-site conventional and single-site trunking thus providing an affordable digital migration path from analogue.

The user can easily make a quick response with the new talk back function and call mode selection, which automatically selects the call receiving channel, talkgroup or individual to reply to.

Our aim is to supply a radio system that keeps your team communicating in a safe and secure manner. We offer a range of vehicle aerials, all installed to our exacting standards.

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